Are you afraid to try Baccarat? Do you know HOW to Beat it - CONSISTENTLY?

“Remove all the Intimidation from Baccarat, leaving ONLY the BEST way to Make consistent money with the game...”

"Finally, someone has pulled back the curtain and exposed the Wizard"

From: Buzz B Berkeley
Re: Beating Baccarat and Making BIG Money - The Easy Way!

Dear Friend,

You've seen James Bond play Baccarat, and that intrigued you. You've seen the Roped-off Baccarat Pit at the Casino, and that scared you. You've seen the Special treatment given the Baccarat players with their own buffet, drinks, waitresses, hosts, dealers and other amenities, and that made you envious. You want some of that!!

You want to play Baccarat, but you don't know how, and you're a bit intimidated by all the fuss given to the Baccarat players.

Well, fear no more, all that Special Treatment (and more) is now your's...


Now, you can learn the game, and the game within the game.

Baccarat Made Easy - How to Win at Baccarat - The Easy Way.

"Baccarat Made Easy"
is the latest book written by Buzz B Berkeley ( in which he exposes the truth (and the myths) about Baccarat. 

You'll learn:

  • It's the Easiest game to play in the whole Casino - the mystique is lifted, and your confidence will soar!
  • It's possible to immensely reduce the house advantage - so you can win money in the long run as well as the short run!
  • There are three sucker bets to avoid - making this system the safest in the Casino!
  • How to reduce the decisions to only one - you'll look like a pro from the very beginning!
  • The "third card rules" and how they affect your bankroll.
  • There're best times of the day to play Baccarat, and there're best days of the week too - you will apply these tips to greatly reduce your risk. You can Double your bankroll with this!
  • A perfect system that guarantees long strings of winning bets - and very short losses!
"Baccarat Made Easy" is a no-fluff, get-to-the-point, instructional manual on the most intriguing game in the Casino. You'll get ALL the information you'll need to dominate the game, without any wordy, uneccessary verbiage. I'm offering this book to the first 50 buyers for only $17. The 2nd 50: $37, after that: $67.

Money-Back Guarantee

Try "Baccarat Made Easy" for 60 days, and if you're not blown away by the information in the book, just ask for a refund - no questions asked - I'll refund your full purchase.


I'm including my new book: "Las Vegas, Dos & Don'ts". It's a major compilation of years and years of study, learning and testing tips and tricks for visiting the "Greatest City in America". It's 25 pages of secrets that'll make your next visit better, more fun, less expensive, and you'll be treated like a high-roller! I could have titled this "Casino Dos & Don'ts" because most of the material in the book is applicable in any Casino!

Las Vegas Dos & Don'ts - Tips for your visit


 Buzz B Berkeley


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